How Crazy The Mainstream Media Is.

So Melania wore this jacket.. & The Media is going nuts

Let’s not forget that she wore it as she headed

to visit Children at the border, (when did michelle go to visit kids like these ? And yes there were those detention centers in o’s time) Secondly, didnt the media report that Melanie’s was the one who together with Ivanka convinced the President to sign an executive order to stop family separation? And guess what, it worked, so after convincing her husband to sign it into law that families should not be separated & shes on the way to visit those kids, She is wearing a jacket that is obviously like huh? Who cares? Me or you? Or as the president said a middle finger to the media but they are going berserk! They where the prosecutor jury & judge that she meant that she doesnt care about the kids… only thing we can say, We really don’t care.

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